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  • osprey men in action on the field
  • osprey women in action on the field
  • osprey men in action on the field
  • osprey men in action on the field
  • osprey women in action at their first game of the fall 2018 season
  • 2018 mens soccer kicks off in september
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Ospreys men's soccer team

Ospreys women's soccer team

Ospreys volleyball team



Women's Soccer Men's Soccer Volleyball
Ospreys Team Date Opposing Team Location Time Results
Volleyball 8/12 Southern Oregon University Ashland, OR 5:00pm Loss: 0-5
Men's Soccer 8/19 College of the Siskiyous   8:00pm  
Volleyball  8/21 OIT Klamath Falls, OR 3:00pm  
Women's Soccer 8/22 Yakima Valley Seattle, WA 6:00pm  
Men's Soccer 8/22 Treasure Valley Seattle, WA 10:00am  
Women's Soccer 8/23 Everett Seattle, WA 10:00am  
Men's Soccer 8/23 Blue Mountain Seattle, WA 8:00am  
Volleyball 8/24 Fall Festival Springfield, OR 10:15am vs College of the Redwoods
12:45pm vs Big Bend
3:15pm vs Mt. Hood
4:30pm vs Columbia Basin
Volleyball 8/25 Fall Festival Springfield, OR 9:00am vs Wenatche Valley
11:30am vs Southwestern
Volleyball 8/27  New Hope   6:30pm  
Men's Soccer 8/30 Walla Walla Walla Walla, WA 2:15pm  
Women's Soccer 8/30 Walla Walla Walla Walla, WA 12:00pm  
Women's Soccer 8/31  Columbia Basin College Pasco, WA 12:00pm  
Men's Soccer 8/31 Columbia Basin College Pasco, WA 2:15pm  
Volleyball 9/2 Siskiyous Weed, CA 3:00pm  
Men's Soccer 9/7 North Idaho   12:00pm  
Women's Soccer 9/7 North Idaho 2:30pm  
Women's Soccer 9/10 Oregon Tech (scrimmage) Klamath Falls, OR 10:00am  
Volleyball 9/11 SWOCC Coos Bay, OR 6:30pm  
Men's Soccer 9/11 Lane CC Medford, OR 4:00pm  
Women's Soccer 9/11 Lane CC Medford, OR 1:30pm  
Volleyball 9/13 Crossover Centralia TBD  
Women's Soccer 9/14 SWOCC Coos Bay, OR 12:00pm  
Volleyball 9/14 Crossover Centralia TBD  
Men's Soccer 9/18 Chemeketa Salem, OR 4:00pmS  
Volleyball 9/20 Mt. Hood   6:30pm  
Men's Soccer 9/21 Clark   3:45pm  
Women's Soccer 9/21 Clark   1:15pm  
Volleyball 9/21 Clark   5:00pm  
Men's Soccer 9/25  SWOCC   1:30pm  
Women's Soccer 9/25 Clackamas Oregon City, OR 1:30pm  
Volleyball 9/27 Clackamas Oregon City, OR 6:30pm  
Women's Soccer 9/28 Chemeketa Salem, OR 12:00pm  
Volleyball 9/28 Chemeketa Salem, OR 2:00pm  
Men's Soccer 10/2 Portland Portland, OR 4:00pm  
Women's Soccer 10/2 Portland Portland, OR 1:30pm  
Volleyball 10/4 Lane CC   6:30pm  
Women's Soccer 10/5 Lane CC Eugene, OR 12:00pm  
Volleyball 10/5 Linn Benton   2:00pm  
Men's Soccer 10/5 Lane CC Eugene, OR 2:30pm  
Women's Soccer 10/9 SWOCC Medford, OR 1:30pm  
Men's Soccer 10/9 Chemeketa Medford, OR 4:00pm  
Volleyball 10/11 Umqua Roseburg, OR 6:30pm  
Women's Soccer 10/16 Clark Vancouver, WA 1:30pm  
Men's Soccer 10/16 Clark Vancouver, WA 4:00pm  
Volleyball 10/18 Mt Hood Gresham, OR 6:30pm  
Volleyball 10/19 Clark CC Vancouver, WA 2:00pm  
Women's Soccer 10/19 Clackamas   1:30pm  
Volleyball 10/23 New Hope Eugene, OR 6:30pm  
Women's Soccer 10/23 Chemeketa   1:30pm  
Men's Soccer 10/23 SWOCC Coos Bay, OR 1:30pm  
Volleyball 10/25 Clackamas   6:30pm  
Women's Soccer 10/26 Portland   1:15pm  
Volleyball 10/26 Chemeketa   5:00pm  
Men's Soccer 10/26 Portland   3:45pm  
Volleyball 11/1 Lane CC Eugene, OR 6:30pm  
Volleyball 11/2 Linn Benton Albany, OR 2:00pm  
Volleyball 11/8 Umpqua   6:30pm  
Volleyball 11/12 SWOCC   6:30pm  


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